North East England's Premier Cheer Training Facility

Cheer - Stunt - Tumble

The Urban Factory is the home of North East Cheer, a cheerleading and tumble programme based in North East England. 

North East Cheer uses the competitive sport of cheerleading to engage young people in physical activity, empowerment and leadership. We offer classes for children aged 3 years and over. 

Recreational Cheer Classes at The Urban Factory

Our recreational teams are the  perfect place to start for children who would like to give cheerleading a go, before they move into our competitive programme. 

We offer recreational classes in Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Tumbling and Stretching. Our gym also provides an extensive Parkour programme. 

Our recreational classes cover all of the basics of cheerleading including stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance, with full use of our training space. Our gymnastics, tumbling and stretch classes offer fundamental training in balance, strength and flexibility. 

Four groups of three girls doing cheer.

Novice Teams

Our novice cheer teams are the first steps in competitive cheerleading. There is no entry level requirement for these teams. Our novice cheer teams are for athletes aged 4 - 8 years. 

These teams will attend 2 local friendly competitions which introduce them to the world of competitive cheerleading.

Four girls holding hands in audience seats.

Prep Teams

Our prep teams are perfect for budding athletes who want to take their cheerleading more seriously and start to become involved in the wider cheerleading community. 

Prep teams are our next step from novice and since they are slightly more competitive, there is a requirement that you know some basic skills beforehand. Unlike our recreational and novice teams.

Prep teams will train once per week (90 minutes - 2 hour session) in preparation for 2 local competitions. Our prep teams are also sometimes given the opportunity to attend competitons further away.

Groups of young girls practising cheer.

Tumble Academy

Our Tumble Academy is our dedicated tumble programme for those wishing to focus on tumbling as a gymnastic discipline or for cheerleaders who want to progress to advanced tumble skills.

You do not need to be an athlete at North East Cheer to attend these classes.

Our Tumble Academy offers training from levels 1 through to 6, starting with basic rolls and cartwheels and progressing to advanced tumbles such as handsprings, somersaults and twists.

A girl  tumbling diagonally in the air in front of an audience.

Elite Teams

Our Elite Teams at North East Cheer require a higher level of experience and dedication than our Novice and Prep Teams.  

These teams will compete anywhere between 3 and 5 times per season and at least one of these competitions will involve travelling within the UK.

It requires a high level of commitment to be placed on one of our Elite Teams as you will be representing North East Cheer at a high level. 

Three groups of girls, each supporting a girl who they are holding above them and who is balancing on one leg.

International Teams

Our International cheerleading teams compete at a world class level and require the highest level of commitment and dedication to the sport.

Training sessions are once or twice per week depending on the team.

International teams at North East Cheer will be pursuing bids at The  Summit or World Championships. Over  the years we have multiple teams qualify to compete abroad. 

International Teams may also be given an opportunity to compete at European based competitions. 

Multiple girls doing cheer, where five girls are held up  in a position by the others.